Be the standard.

The Certified High Performance Coach, Level One online course is finally here!

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Be the standard.

The Certified High Performance Coach, Level One online course is finally here!

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Empower the ordinary to do extraordinary things.

Athletic Lab’s motto is “Game-changing and Life-Changing.” We exist to put a dent in the universe by improving lives and building better humans.

This passion for building better humans doesn't manifest solely in the evidence-based, field-proven, and systems-based sports performance training we provide our athletes and clients. Rather, through coaching education, we can expand our efforts throughout the world.

To truly build better humans, we need to start with the future leaders in the field of sports performance and fitness that help build them. 

We seek coaches with an open mind, in pursuit of excellence in the field of sports performance, strength & conditioning, and general fitness to "level up" their coaching to a new standard of high performance. It starts with becoming a fundamental sports science expert, and a master practitioner in the field.

Welcome to the Athletic Lab Coaching Academy.



Years educating thousands of coaches around the world.


On-site mentorship participants in our North Carolina facility.


CHPC L1 graduates proudly boasting their credentials around the world.

Putting a dent in the universe takes a team.

We cannot do this alone. How can we be passionate about helping people to achieve their athletic and fitness goals without building a network of the best coaches in the world? This is the purpose behind the countless conference lectures, blogs, articles, videos content, workshops and mentorships we have contributed to in the realm of sports science and coaching education.

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Become a Certified High Performance Coach

Level 1 Online Course

Athletic Lab has been involved in coaching education since our founding in 2009.  Coaching coaches is ingrained in our identity just as much as coaching athletes. What began as lectures and seminars has expanded to a full coaching mentorship complete with a certification pathway available to coaches anywhere in the world. 

  • Learn the fundamental sports sciences of sport biomechanics, applied physiology, speed & power, change of direction, strength development, training theory, periodization, session design, and more!
  • Be equipped with the theory and application to quickly position yourself as an expert practitioner in the field of sports performance and fitness. 
  • Speak and understand the language of the field.
  • Learn the methods used by Athletic Lab that are science-based, field-tested, systems-based, and proven at the highest level of play.

Ready to level up and #BeTheStandard?

Certified High Performance Coach, Level One

$249.95 USD

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Coaching coaches is ingrained in our identity.